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Letters to the Editor
The Toronto Star

It's quite hard to open a play in Toronto and not read the reviews. Whether the reaction is good or bad, everywhere you go people are dying to share their outrage or delight with what has been written. Never has this been truer that with Richard Ouzounian's review of my play Cold Meat Party, currently running at Factory Theatre. To judge from reports, this particular piece of writing was toxic to the point of professional assassination. Whatever Mr. Ouzounian's reaction, I would like the opportunity to say to Toronto Star readers exactly what I say to those who wish to share his writing with me- Richard Ouzounian, after decades of trying to gain a foothold in the professional theatre, has failed to distinguish himself in any way. Shows he has written, like Larry's Party and Dracula have failed to find a wide audience and are seen as abject failures by most anyone working in the theatre. His writing for the Toronto Star is larded heavily with a personal agenda that has everything to do with whatever plans he might have for his future and nothing whatsoever to do with any true theatrical talent or love of the medium. He worships at the feet of the American star system and his musings on the arts are slightly less interesting than the gushings of a lovesick teen. His reviews are shallow and his appointment as the so-called "Theatre Critic" at one of Canada's most powerful newspapers is a conflict of interest and a joke. My choice not to read any of Mr. Ouzounian's writing has nothing to do with his opinion of my work, but has everything to do with the fact he's just not a very good writer. I think it's time for Ouzounian to give up his wan attempts to be part of the professional theatre and to finally become the flamboyant high school drama teacher he was meant to be.

Brad Fraser